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Hop Top Films began when Evan Schneider realized he was willing to risk everything to follow his dream and become a filmmaker.  He was fortunate to have  a very supportive family who believed he could achieve success in this highly-competitive creative industry.  After graduating from Boston University’s Center For Digital Imaging Arts in 2011, Evan moved on to run a full-time freelance videography and film-making company.  By passionately cultivating a vast library of knowledge and building an arsenal of professional equipment, Evan was able to establish a name for Hop Top Films in 2018.

In 2014, Evan was working as Cinematographer on a popular web series, “Girl in the Attic” where he met Paul Taft and found a perfect fit for a local role he was looking to cast.  Paul and Evan's relationship continued to grow after working together on these projects and they both knew there was something unique about their partnership.  Paul is a seasoned and respected SAG Actor working out of south-eastern Massachusetts, who has recently branched into Production Management and has become a true jack-of-all-trades on both sides of the camera.  Paul and Evan decided that they needed to join forces and establish a Narrative “Above The Line” Team that would create top quality films using the best equipment, cast and crew available.

The Hop Top Films team has finished shooting it's premier short film, Lifted, and is gearing up for a number of exciting projects in the near future.  It is safe to say that this narrative team is thriving!

 Separate from his narrative work, Evan is also a Sub-Contractor for Yelp and Zillow which has allowed him the opportunity to produce over 700 videos for local businesses, service providers, and corporations.  Hop Top Films continues to shoot high quality business promos, adding Grey Sail Brewing Company of RI, Tilted Barn, Canal Bait & Tackle, Beaumont Capital Management, Metro West Dental  and many others to it's client base in 2017.

In addition to Narrative and Commercial work, the Hop Top team has been praised for it's Wedding Cinematography and offers Digital Marketing & Photography Services by partnering with Taylor Briand and her company tiibii.

The Hop Top Films family is where we shine!  Working closely with hundreds of talented filmmakers and talent all over New England allows Hop Top to produce some of the most entertaining productions around.  The company has invested in its team, top-quality gear, and everything else needed to do the job right!