The Hop Top Films narrative team is unlike any other! We bring together the best talent in the area to produce stunning visuals, high-quality sound and expert post-production services. We can help your production in several different ways. Reach out to us if you are interested in either:

. Producing and/or Directing your narrative project through us.

. Are looking for specific crew members for project in Pre-Production. Anyone from a Director to a Cinematographer to a Sound Mixer, even down to Production Assistants. We even have a Small Grip Truck Package! Just inquire below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


[TEASER] Amaranthine - Short Film (IMDb)

CALEB is a love torn survivor living in a post apocalyptic wasteland when he meets SHAYLEIGH, a fellow survivor, rummaging for food and supplies. Can Caleb get passed the haunting memories of his wife AIMEE or will he succumb to his thoughts and vices?

[TEASER] Lifted - Short Film (IMDb)

MARGO and JODIE are out camping with their mother and father in the peaceful forests of Maine. After marshmallows over the fire and a chilling ghost story, ALAN tucks his daughters into bed for the last time in his entire life. JODIE, the matriarch of the two sisters who are left to fend for themselves after an apparent catastrophic event, must see past her superficial attitude and open up to her sister MARGO.

[TEASER] Color Red Only - Short Film (IMDb)

A mom and her young daughter are traveling across the southern United States during the trying times of the Reagan presidency. There is a lot of hatred and confusion in the air.

[TRAILER] Meet the Author - Short Film (IMDb)

Marvin, with his indomitable assistant, Marnie, leading the charge, is on a mission to share his 2nd novel with his 'adoring' New England fans. At one particular book signing he meets Jennifer whom, it becomes quickly apparent, appreciates Marvin more than most. Marvin however isn't quite at ease with her being president of this new fan club.

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What Happens in Vega - 2018 Boston 48 Hour Film (IMDb)



Thy Kingdom Come - 2017 Boston 48 Hour Film (IMDb)

RICHARD is a boy like every other boy. He goes to school, does his homework and plays video games. But, when JANET catches him wandering down a path of evil, she has nobody to call except FATHER LAWRENCE SOTO.