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MARGO and JODIE are out camping with their mother and father in the peaceful forests of Maine. After marshmallows over the fire and a chilling ghost story, ALAN tucks his daughters into bed for the last time in his entire life. JODIE, the matriarch of the two sisters who are left to fend for themselves after an apparent catastrophic event, must see past her superficial attitude and open up to her sister MARGO or face dire consequences.  But, there’s something out there, beyond the black tar of night that threatens to tear their lives apart.




Sometimes It’s not who, but when. A detective must traverse modern technology to find a missing child who may be in grave danger. But, when you tamper with a new technology you can’t be exactly sure what might happen or who or what looms waiting beyond the ether.  With the help of a chosen team of Medical Professionals & Local Authorities, this young man must face what not many rookies have to face in their professional career.


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For CALEB, surviving an extinction level event pales in comparison to enduring the pain of his broken heart. Can he overcome his conscience?  SHAYLEIGH is a wanderer of the post apocalyptic wasteland who lost her family when the event occurred.  She craves any kind of human interaction, the wasteland can become lonely for a bright soul in a land of misery.