Evan Schneider

Producer / Director

Founder of Hop Top Films, Evan has made a name for himself in the New England community of filmmakers.  Known for his versatility on and off set he has worked professionally in the film and videography industry for the past 8 years following his graduation from Boston University with a Certification in Digital Filmmaking.

Currently producing large quantities of business promos for Yelp & Zillow and gathering independent filmmaking awards at Film Festivals across the nation he has big plans for Hop Top Films.

Putting his all into his craft, Evan has built up his company arsenal of professional gear and loyal, talented casts and crew.

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Shane Uriot

Producer / Director

Shane Uriot is a New England based film producer, creator, and director. He has spent the past 6 years in his field behind the camera creating a wide range of content.  An Emerson College Alumn, Shane has spent his post graduate time creating television shows and is the creator and executive producer of a new show airing on NBC Boston Sports called My Fishing Cape Cod. 

Along with traditional film work, he also manages high profile YouTube channels and collaborates with popular YouTubers around the country. 

Shane he produced content for major institutions such as MIT and Fidelity Investments and has worked with high profile bands and music companies. He prides himself in bringing his passions out on screen.

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Paul Taft


Paul has been immersed in the acting world since he was a child. He has experience acting in film, television commercials, and music videos.

In recent years he has also spent significant time behind the camera, working in many areas of film and television production.

Paul brings 10 years of experience as the Executive Officer of a successful, local leader in the service industry.

His wealth of film industry experience coupled with his skills in negotiating in the private sector has left Paul uniquely qualified to be our Production Manager at Hop Top Films.

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