Narrative Film Services

The Hop Top Films narrative team is unlike any other! We bring together the best talent in the area to produce stunning visuals, high-quality sound and expert post-production services.

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Recent Narrative Projects

Lifted - Short Film (IMDb)

MARGO and JODIE are out camping with their mother and father in the peaceful forests of Maine. After marshmallows over the fire and a chilling ghost story, ALAN tucks his daughters into bed for the last time in his entire life. JODIE, the matriarch of the two sisters who are left to fend for themselves after an apparent catastrophic event, must see past her superficial attitude and open up to her sister MARGO.

Let's Kill Grandpa - Feature Film

Let’s Kill Grandpa is a Feature Film Written & Directed by Brian Gianci who stars alongside James Wirt, Courtney Desman, Robert John Keiber, Mackenzie Westmoreland & Diana Bologna (of The Deuce) among others. Cinematography & all other crew roles were handled by Hop Top Films.

Holed Up - Short Film

Holed Up is a short film Directed by Jack Shea and Produced by Actor Michael Gonza whom also stars alongside Marybeth Paul, Naira Zakaryan & Jose Guns Alves. Cinematography was done by Evan Schneider and many affiliates of Hop Top Films rounded out the small crew.